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Tab Guide

The TAB guide is an excellent source for all those smart punters out there who want to win big on the races when betting online at a leading bookmaker such as

All the information found in a TAB guide is also provided by online bookies in an easier to access, read and understand format.

Betting on the races online is the best way to ensure that you not only get the most up to date and relevant form guides, but also ensures you will get better odds every time.

Online bookmakers in Australia now guarantee to pay higher than the best price from the three big TAB’s or the starting price if that is higher, so you know you are getting better horse racing odds online.

When having a punt on any of the great thoroughbred, harness or greyhound races run at tracks around Australia every day, the best thing bettors can do is know as much as they can about the contenders, their connections, record and all the details of the race.

Betting on the horse races is one of Australian punters’ favourite past times and there is plenty of money to be win online off the horses if you study the TAB guide.

What’s in a TAB Guide?

The TAB guide details all the relevant race information such as the time, date and location of the race so you know exactly where and when to bet.

Also referred to as a form guide, they also detail all of the horses or dogs running in the race along with their TAB number, barrier or box draw and silk or rug colours.

Aside from all the basic race and starter info, these form guides then delve into other details that all punters should have a look at before making their selections.

As fun as it sounds to back a horse because you like its name, this is not the way to get the best payouts!

Studying the TAB or form guides allows you to discover things like the horse’s trainer, jockey, owner, breeding, race career and past race performances so you can easily gauge the chances that horse has of winning and how much money you can win off them!

The race guides found at online bookmakers often include other information like the steward’s reports, barrier trial results and bet selector ratings giving you everything you need to place a winning bet online.

What to look for in a TAB form guide

Things to look for in the guide include whether the horse or dog has a prominent trainer with a good record of preparing winners, how the horse has run at its most recent starts and its record over the race distance.

Choosing a horse with good form and a winning track record for your online betting selections is often best.

It is also important to watch the online odds provided by the bookies on all the horses. Betting on the favourite in the race is sometimes the best way to go, but you can get great odds and huge payouts if you study the form guides and pick a starter at longer odds if you think they can win.

So study the TAB guide, get to know the odds and the runners, make your selections then jump online and bet on your favourite selections from home at an online bookie and not the TAB to get great odds and huge payouts!

Melbourne Cup Form Guide

The Melbourne Cup form guide is arguably the most-read form guide in the entire world. Due to the global nature of the race, there are people from all over the entire world who follow the horses and their chances. In every Melbourne Cup, you can reliably expect to see horses from at least five different racing nations, and quite often there are many more. As a result, a great amount of research and effort goes into developing the Melbourne Cup form guide. Race results from all over the world must be analysed and compiled, and that requires a great degree of cooperation between different racing bodies.